School Uniform


Children are encouraged to take care over their appearance and to wear clean, tidy, sensible clothing and footwear.  A school uniform helps children to develop a pride in themselves and their school, to come to school with the right attitude, and to feel part of the school community.  Uniform items can be purchased on line from Brigade or from the school office.

Ordering on line from Brigade Uniform 

Order form for school office


Recommended Clothing

  • Royal blue sweatshirts/cardigan
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress
  • Blue checked dress in summer if preferred
  • Plain shoes or black/grey trainers
  • Reversible waterproof fleece jacket.

Children in Nursery and Reception are encouraged to bring in a pair of wellington boots for outdoor play.

PE Kit

  • Black shorts
  • Plain white T shirt
  • Pumps/trainers
  • Tracksuit and trainers for outside
  • Football kit is required for Key Stage 2 games lessons
  • Swimwear for Key Stage 2 as and when required
  • PE bags (available from the office)

Please ensure that all clothing is named including PE kits.



For safety reasons children should not wear jewellery to school.   We ask that children with pierced ears should only wear stud earrings.

Nail varnish should not be worn at school.


Active Fifteen

At Howes we encourage our children to lead healthy lifestyles and we engage in Active Fifteen where we ask the children to take part in activities which support their physical development.

From January 2019 the children from Reception through to Year 6 are able to wear BLACK or GREY trainers to school as part of their uniform so that they can participate fully in our Active Fifteen activities.