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Food in school

Free school meals

All children in Foundation and Years 1-2 are eligible for free schools meals. From Year 3 upwards, some children may be entitled to free school meals if their families are in receipt of income support, income based job seekers allowance, child tax credit (not working tax credit) and other criteria.  Please ask for further information at the office.  All eligible families need to apply for income based FSM as this means that there is no charge for clubs or trips.

Further Information on Free School Meals

School meals

Educaterers provide our school dinner service with a three-week rolling menu.  Meals are prepared in our own kitchen and offer a choice of fresh, healthy cooked food that meets Government food based standards using good quality local ingredients. All sauces are enriched with vegetables to help increase daily vegetable uptake, with limits on added salt and sugar. Food allergies and intolerances can be catered for by contacting the school office.

The cost of a school dinner is £2.10 per day, payable weekly in advance. Please pay online via SimsPay or send payment in a sealed and labelled envelope on a Monday morning. When a child is ill, credits for dinners paid but not taken are carried forward to the following week, except if they are sent home after 10am from school, as meals are already being prepared.

If your child has a doctor’s or dental appointment and will be arriving late, it is essential that you notify us by 9.30am to ensure that a school meal is ordered. Similarly, if you will be collecting your child for an appointment, and a school meal will not be required, please let us know. If the meal is not cancelled it will have to be charged to you.

Menu 2021/2022

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Packed lunches

Children may bring in packed lunches, provided that the containers used are secure and clearly marked with the child’s name. Children have thirty minutes to eat at mid-day. We feel that very few would take longer than that for a meal at home, so please ensure that lunch boxes are not overloaded.  No cans, fizzy drinks or glass bottles are to be brought to school.

Healthy snacks and drinks

Under the Fruit in School scheme children are entitled to a piece of fruit each day free of charge. This is given as a playtime snack.  Children are encouraged to drink water and can fill water bottles from fountains throughout the day. Milk is available for all children up until their 5th birthday.  All children in Reception receive a free water bottle when they start school at Howes.  Replacement water bottles are available to buy from the school office for £2.

Sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, etc. are not permitted in school.


Howes is a nut free school. Please do not send in any food containing nuts.