New Starters

Welcome to Howes Primary School. We are delighted that your child will be joining us and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Due to the Coronavirus, our arrangements for new starters are a little different. We will be contacting you over the Summer term to let you know about the arrangements. We hope to arrange some getting to know you sessions at school. We will let you know term dates and when your child’s first day at school will be. We will be working very hard to ensure that your child has a settled and happy start to school life.

You are very welcome to contact us by email if you have any questions at all. Our email address is

There is a great deal of information about Howes on our website, so we hope that you enjoy reading about daily life at our friendly and exciting school. Please also take a look at our Twitter page and Facebook page where you will see photos and information about Howes – @HowesCoventry

If your child is joining our Nursery or Reception Class, here are a few things that you can do at home to prepare them for starting school:
• Help them to recognise and write their own name
• Show them how to hold a pencil and draw a picture
• Read books with them and encourage them to hold the book and talk about the story
• Sing some nursery rhymes together
• Teach them to count up to ten and recognise the numbers
• Teach them how to use children’s scissors
• Encourage them to eat independently and clear their own plate
• Make sure that they can go to the toilet independently and wash their hands
• Show them how to put their own coat on and do up the buttons or zip
• Teach them how to get changed for PE – this includes taking off their uniform and putting it together in one place, putting pumps on the correct feet, putting shorts and t-shirt on and off, and putting their uniform and shoes back on (harder than it sounds!).

Here is a booklet that you can start to complete with you child. It would be lovely if they could bring it with them on their first day at school.

Reception Starter Book

Here are some photos of our lovely Outdoor Learning Area and Miss Price.